| Juni 18 2022

Paolo Bettini and SWI launch "Thrama," a jewel of technology and precision

The two-time world champion was chosen as brand ambassador by the Swiss company, which today unveils its first bicycle.

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| Juli 11 2022

All the secrets of the new SWI Thrama

The Swiss company's jewel is a concentrate of technology and research

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| Juli 29 2022

Paolo Bettini and Luca Paolini together again

The two-time world champion has reunited with his former teammate in the Swiss company, where they launched the new Thrama jewel

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| September 05 2022

SWI unveils its new brand ambassadors: Marco Mapelli and Raffaele Marciello

The two GT World Series drivers will be the new faces of the brand, flanking two-time world champion Paolo Bettini

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| Oktober 03 2022

SWI unveils new brand ambassador: actor Paolo Kessisoglu

The famous actor, comedian and presenter has been chosen as the new face of the brand, joining two-time world champion Paolo Bettini and two GT World series drivers Mapelli and Marciello

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| November 28 2022

SWI Thrama, the masterpiece according to Paolo Bettini

The multiple world and Olympic champion recounts the last six months on the saddle of a frame he considers as a masterpiece of design and performance.

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