SWI is an ultra-premium cycling brand creating unique and remarkably beautiful bespoke custom carbon fiber high-performance road bikes.

Each SWI frame, engineered in Switzerland and fabricated in Italy, is a masterpiece of art and engineering.
SWI is based in the Italian speaking region of Ticino, Switzerland, but also draws its talent, materials, and inspiration from Lombardy, Italy. This combined region was known as Insubria from the late Middle Ages through to the Renaissance. The Insurbria region has evolved through the centuries, but its tradition of crafting works of extraordinary beauty and engineering prowess endures.
SWI was founded by Stefano Cenere, a passionate cyclist from Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy with expertise in high-end carbon fiber composites, including the artistry and precision craftsmanship required by the jewellery industry.
Stefano painstakingly developed – over the course of four years and more than 50 prototypes – a unique process and set of molds for producing a fully monocoque carbon fiber bicycle frame. To optimize his frame, Stefano studied countless leading bike designs and consulted with engineers using finite element modelling.
Recognizing that ride feel and bike handling can only be truly optimized in the field by experienced cyclists, Stefano also collaborated with some of the most experienced professional bike racers in Italy, including Olympic and World Champion Paolo Bettini and classics legend Luca Paolini. Paolo remains an ambassador of the brand, and Luca is on the SWI team working in R&D and Sales.