FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where is the Swi One frame manufactured?

The Swi One frame is entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

What is the main feature of the Swi One frame?

The Swi One frame is hand made with manic attention to quality. In addition to this essential feature, it has also the following qualities:
- it is the first monocoque frame on the market with integrated moulding, i.e. it is forged in one piece (front triangle and rear axle fitting closed on the top by the dropout housings);
- the “Thin Ply” Technology used to make the carbon fibre laminate makes it possible to reduce the weight by 30% without affecting the mechanical and structural properties;
- finally, it is the first monocoque in the world with “custom fit” configuration, that is, it can be made on request with different geometries based on the customer’s size.

How much does it weigh?

The weight of the Swi One frame has been purposely conceived to be from 700 to 800 grams. We easily went even below this weight, as low as 540 grams, and passed the ISO 4210-6:2014 test. However, we chose to keep within more prudential limits and absolute safety margins, taking also into account the minimum weight requirements of UCI for professional bicycles.

Does the frame have an individual identification code?

Certainly, but not only that. There is also a microchip with all identification details of the bicycle and its owner, which is applied inside the frame tubes and is not detectable by the scanners of any ill-intentioned individuals.

What type of carbon fibre is used for manufacturing the Swi One frames?

Swi One carbon frames are made using an UD (unidirectional) 28-layer laminate.
Unlike common carbon fibre products that use woven fibers (with the classic appearance of a cross-ply fabric), UD carbon is literally made of non-woven continuous filaments arranged next to each other and in only one direction.
On the surface of our “racing” frames with transparent finish, you can clearly see the pattern and the overlays of the UD carbon fibre layers confirming not only the quality of the craftsmanship on the frame, but the high quality of the frame itself as it comes out of the mould.

Is the frame certified according to safety standards?

Certainly, it is certified in compliance with ISO 4210-6:2014 safety standards and has passed all fracture tests and fatigue cycles.

Does the frame fit within the UCI parameters?

Yes, it fits within the parameters required by UCI and we are awaiting the formal approval of the Swiss Institution.

How many sizes are made?

No-one else in the world produces this type of frame in 12 sizes and ranges from 50 to 61, with a difference of 1 centimetre between each size. On request, “Custom Fit” is possible, i.e. the production of an exclusive monocoque mould based on the geometry ordered by the customer.

Which is the right size for me?

Once the size is determined by the biomechanical test, individual adjustment will be carried out. This process consists of different phases and a series of compromises that we were able to limit thanks to the 12 sizes differing from each other by only one centimetre. To make this process simpler, a qualified professional from Swi will make all adjustments when the bicycle is delivered.

Is it possible to have a custom frame for each size?

As mentioned above, it is possible to make an integrated monocoque frame in a custom size on request. Considering the cost of a single mould, the price will obviously be higher.

Is it possible to have a frame with customized colour and graphic design?

The frame is manufactured in 5 colours: matt white, matt black, matt red, metallic light grey and metallic dark grey. In addition to these colours, the “racing” bicycle is painted with a simple protective transparent varnish in order to keep the weight down as much as possible.
The graphic work cannot be modified.

What does integrated monocoque mean?

It means that the frame is integrally built inside the mould, i.e. front triangle (head tube, top tube, down tube, seat tube and bottom bracket) with the rear axle fitting (seatstays and chainstays) closed on the top by the fork housings.
Nowadays, conventional monocoque frames have only the front triangle moulded as a monocoque while the rear axle fitting is glued later.

What does UFS stand for?

It stands for “Unishell Frame System”, that is a unishell frame, made exactely like an egg. The advantage of the UFS frame is that it doesn’t have jointed or glued parts and therefore the carbon fibers do not have interruptions.

What are the advantages of an UFS frame compared to a conventional one?

It is structurally more homogeneous and therefore more progressive and comfortable; the torsion is distributed along its whole length, thus making it mechanically impeccable.

Can I choose the components to assemble on the bicycle?

Yes, absolutely. Wheels, gearbox-brakes unit, seat, handlebar etc. are on customer’s request.

What components are assembled on the bicycle?

All those available on the market.

Is the frame preset for the electronic gearbox?

Yes, of course. Also the new wireless.

Is the cable routing internal?

The routings of cables from the handlebar to the rear brake, to the front and rear derailleurs are internal and have been designed, computer simulated and tested not to create obstacles to the steel cable sliding. Also the electronic gearbox cables and the disk brake hydraulic tubes pass inside the frame.

Is the frame produced also for disk brakes?

Yes, the frame and its fork are preset for the new “flat mount” disk brakes with disks from 140 to 160 mm.

What users is the Swi One frame designed for or what use is it intended for?

The frame has been designed with mechanical and structural features that offer great comfort and optimum performance at the same time, a very high capacity to absorb and release the passive energy caused by ground reaction force when racing and a longitudinal and torsional rigidity that can convert the power supplied by the athlete into maximum propulsion.
Therefore, it can be used by both amateur and professional ciclysts.

What are the Swi One “Racing” frame features?

The structure of the frame is the same, but a transparent protective coating of matt paint is applied that weighs 100 grams less than the conventional paint.

When and how will the bicycle be marketed?

The bicycle can be purchased only by order. You can obviously see it and try it on the road by requesting this on our website. We will be pleased to invite you as our guests to our premises in Lugano or to arrange for a free trial directly at your local mechanic’s workshop.
The bicycle presentation will take place in September 2016 and marketing will start in May.

How is the Swi One trial organized?

First you must make a request on our website. We will contact you to arrange a meeting at your address or at your regular mechanic’s. One of our staff, after having adjusted the bicycle according to your specifications, will accompany you for a trial test on a track of your choice.
Alternatively, we will be pleased to invite you as our guests to our premises in Lugano where we will accompany you for testing on the road and on the hills around our lake.
In both cases, we recommend to previously let us have your measurements in order to preset the bicycle according to your specifications.

What is the non-detectable antitheft microchip?

It is a microchip where all ID information of the bicycle and its owner are stored; it is inserted inside the frame tubes and is not detectable by unauthorised external scanners. It is also equipped with a GPS locator conected to a central control station that is activated in the event of theft or emergency.
By means of ANT+ protocol , it can transmit all data such as output power Watts, heart rate, cadence etc., for sports or medical purposes.

Is there any financing form for the purchase of a Swi One?

Only through a Swiss banking institution.

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

If by weaknesses you mean manufacturing faults, of course, there are none. Our quality control is very strict and every detail has been professionally taken care of.
Its strengths are undoubtedly many and these are easily identifiable after reading all technical features of the bicycle on our website.

Are the bicycle and frame guaranteed?

The frame has a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects and will be replaced immediately with a new one of the same type in this case. All replacement expenses, including transport and shipment costs, shall be entirely our responsibility.
All components assembled on our frame are guaranteed for 3 years if properly used in normal conditions, as they are declared free of defects in material and construction by their manufacturers.
In all other cases, such as after an accident, Swi offers you the replacement of the damaged frame and components with new ones of the same type at 30% off the listed price. The right of replacement must be requested directly to Swi. In this case, for example, your damaged wheel will become the property of Swi that shall take care of its proper disposal.
You’ll find further information on the section WARRANTIES of this website.


CRASH REPLACEMENT is a customer service offered by Swi when your damaged bike is collected to be repaired.
If the damage can be repaired, Swi will replace your bycicle free of charge with a “courtesy” one for all the time needed for the repair. Costs for repairing the frame or its components and its shipping will be your resonsibility.
If the damage cannot be repaired and the frame or its components have to be replaced, e.g. after an accident, Swi will replace your bicycle for free with a “courtesy” one for all the time necessary and offers you to replace the damaged frame and its components with new ones of the same type at 30% off the listed price. The right of replacement must be requested directly to Swi.
In this case, your damaged frame or its components shall become property of Swi that takes care of its proper disposal.

What damages are covered by the CRASH REPLACEMENT plan?

The Crash Replacement plan covers the damages of the frame and its components which are caused by accidents that happened while using the bicycle properly, or not your fault or without outside influence (i.e. damages caused during transportation). The frame or its components must be no longer usable. For example, damaged paint is not covered by the Crash Replacement plan.

Does the CRASH REPLACEMENT warranty cover races and sports competitions?

Yes, this warranty covers competitions.

Do I have to register my Swi One?

No, you don’t. Your bicycle registration is automatically completed on delivery.

Where can I find the serial number of my Swi One?

The serial number is clearly marked under the bottom bracket and cannot be deleted. It has also been stored in the microchip located inside the frame together with all other information about the bicycle.