Reasons of the heart.

Every respectful dream must have a heart and a brain. Only what is conceived mentally and elaborated mindfully can give emotions that speak directly to the heart.

A bike is born far more than any other bicycle.
A precious jewel, the only one of its kind, carefully designed with Swiss accuracy. The advent of a bicycle that is not only a bycicle. It’s a way of being. A style, an emotion. Like a tailor made garment. To be worn with elegance. A masterpiece to be jealously guarded and treasured.

Swi One is born. The stuff which dreams are made of.
We worked our magic creating state-of-the-art emotions. An infinitely prestigious frame, built without compromise, to allow you to discover sensations never before experienced. To achieve this, we had to do something special. Because special things cannot and must not have a price. Just a heart. This is how Swi One was conceived.
Pursuing Simplicity and Tailor Design. In the pursuit of a Dream.


A designer at Swi is first of all a cyclist, like you. A small but not negligible detail. Experience has taught him all those inexplicable and indescribable feelings that a bike can transmit to its rider. At the same time, he is personally involved in the production of frames and in the choice of components.

These three procedures, i.e. cycling, design and production, should be embedded in a single mind and follow a single path. Without interruption. Essentiality is a key factor for us. We like simple things, but made extraordinarily well: a racing bike must be like this. Mechanically and structurally perfect, yet simple.

The simplicity of complexity.

Tailor Design.

A bicycle personally tailored like a suit. Strictly custom made. This is why Swi frames, in addition to the 12 standard sizes, are also made in a “Custom Fit” variant. Made-to-measure, with an individual and exclusive mould, to be used by a single customer.

Your personal mould.
Every cyclist should have “his/her” bike. Not any other one.

Only perfection exists.
Our aim is to give you a frame that will instantly recognize your person. A carbon monocoque frame, totally monocoque without connections or glue between the tubes. Guaranteeing the greatest comfort and top performance. No other company offers you all this today. After all, precision is our job.


Inspired by the concept of minimal art, we have chosen to take another path rather than that of designing useless shapes for aesthetic and commercial purposes. We have decided to work esclusively on clean lines, removing anything which is useless and unnecessary.

The outcome is an aesthetically impeccable frame.
Ultralight, perfect in every detail. Without even considering the unnecessary. A small simple jewel, born from an extremely complex reasoning.