Engineered in Switzerland, hand crafted in Italy

SWI is based in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino, Switzerland, but also draws its talent, materials, and inspiration from Lombardy, Italy. This combined region was known as Insubria from the late Middle Ages through to the Renaissance, when it was ruled by the Duchy of Milan. The Insubria region has evolved considerably through the centuries, but its tradition of crafting works of extraordinary beauty and engineering prowess endures.

A Jeweler’s eye for detail

SWI was founded by Stefano Cenere, a passionate cyclist from Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy. Stefano spent his career in his family’s jewelry business, earning a reputation for producing extremely intricate pieces of gold with hollowed weight-saving links that sold for tens of thousands of euros and used a similar moulding technique to that used in carbon bike frame manufacturing. He has taken the extreme attention to detail of the luxury jeweler to create a carbon frame that reflects both his background and passion for

"All my life has been about producing things for exclusivity. It wasn’t really about exclusivity, but I just love the idea of making something that is perfect. I have never cared about price. When you are seeking perfection, price is not a factor. And the same is with our bikes. I have always loved cycling. I have ridden a lot and was always thinking about what would make my perfect bike, for which I had very specific ideas about what needed to be done. I knew, for example, that I wanted a true one-piece monocoque frame and not something glued together."

Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

Stefano painstakingly developed over the course of four years and more than 50 frame prototypes a unique process and set of moulds for producing a fully monocoque carbon fibre bicycle frame. To optimise his frame, Stefano studied all the main technologies in the cycling industry, consulted experts in modelling and finite element analysis, and collaborated with some of the most experienced professional cyclists in Italy, including the Olympic and two-time World Champion Paolo Bettini and the classics legend Luca Paolini.

The Mark of Excellence

The modern symbol of Insubria is the Milanese Ducal flag, comprised of the Visconti child-swallowing serpent quartered with the imperial eagle. Every SWI frame is adorned with the SWI designed INSUBRIA badge. Crafted in stainless steel, the badge is a mark of authenticity and reflects both the geographical origin of SWI and frame designer Stefano Cenere’s heritage of fine jewelry.