You are not just buying a bike, but joining the SWI family.

We believe the support we provide the rider after the sale is as important as the service we provide before.

If something goes wrong, we are committed to do everything in our power to get you riding again as quickly as possible.

Lifetime Warranty

SWI monocoque frames are incredibly durable and reliable. We believe 100% in our materials and process and therefore offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for all SWI’s frames, seatposts, forks, handlebars and stems including the cost of transportation and rebuild. In the unlikely event that a defect or breakage does occur due to a manufacturing error, the damaged part(s) will be repaired or replaced with an equal and new one at our expense.

The components mounted on our frames & framesets chosen by the client are declared free of defects by the original manufacturers for 2 years if used correctly under normal conditions.

This warranty does not cover the bearings, and the defects in painting / anodizing of the components.

To start a Lifetime warranty claim for the please contact us at:

Crash Support

Unfortunately crashes and accidents happen, however, we are here to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Should you damage your SWI frame, forks, seatpost or integrated bars and stem in a crash or other unfortunate mishap, SWI will attempt to repair the damage at a fair cost. Unfortunately, there will sometimes be occasions when we will not be able to repair the damage. In these situations, SWI will offer a 35% reduction on the cost of a replacement.

To request crash or accident support please contact us at: