Engineered in Switzerland
Hand crafted in Italy

SWI is an ultra-premium cycling brand that creates unique and remarkably beautiful bespoke custom carbon fibre high-performance road frames. Each SWI frame, engineered in Switzerland and fabricated in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, is a masterpiece of art and engineering: fully monocoque, constructed of high-grade carbon textile, hand-crafted for each customer, and finished to an exceptionally high standard of aesthetics.

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SWI are makers of incredibly beautifulbespoke carbon fibre road bikes.'ROULEUR Magazine

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Monocoque Unified Carbon Shell

Unlike 99% of carbon frames, which are produced by bonding multiple carbon tubes and pieces, SWI utilises a unique patented, full monocoque construction process, which uses a single mould and produces a finished frame as a single uninterrupted carbon shell. This results in a lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more precisely aligned frame than is possible with bonding.

Standard carbon
fiber fabric

NTPT™ Carbon Textile

NTPT™ Carbon Textile

The AEQUUS is constructed using high-performance carbon textiles from the Swiss-based composite supplier North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT). SWI is the only bicycle manufacturer in the world utilizing NTPT high-performance carbon textiles, which have an exceptionally dense unidirectional carbon weave of up to 29 ply, while the average carbon fibre fabric is only 4 to 5 ply. As a result, the NTPT fabric produces a significantly higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than typically seen in frame manufacturing.

750 g

Aequus Frame

1900 g

Aequus Frame, Forks, Seatpost & Integrated Handlebar & Stem


Internal layers of unidirectional carbon fibre to provide extraordinary stiffness

A frame built for you

The weight and stiffness of the frame can be tailored to the rider based on the selection of NTPT textiles and the number of layers used.