A single uninterruptedcarbon shell

SWI uses a unique, patented, full monocoque construction process, which means that the finished frame is a single uninterrupted carbon shell. Unlike 99% of carbon frames, which are produced by bonding multiple carbon tubes and pieces, SWI is manufactured in northern Italy as a single unit within a single mould to create a seamless frame that is lighter, stiffer, more durable, and more precisely aligned than is possible with bonding.

NTPT™ Carbon Textile

SWI is constructed using high-performance carbon textiles from the Swiss-based composite supplier North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT). SWI is the only bicycle manufacturer in the world utilizing NTPT high-performance carbon textiles, which have an exceptionally dense unidirectional carbon weave of up to 29 ply, while the average carbon fibre fabric is only 4 to 5 ply. As a result, the NTPT fabric produces a significantly higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than typically seen in frame manufacturing. The NTPT fabric is then impregnated with a special resin that allows for very high pressure moulding at 6 bars of pressure in an autoclave airtight oven, where the frame ‘cooks’ for 6 hours at 125 degrees Celsius. This compresses the carbon fibres beyond standard frames, adding strength without increasing the weight or volume and without compromising the mechanical properties of the frame.

750 g

Aequus Frame

1900 g

Aequus Frame, Forks, Seatpost & Integrated Handlebar & Stem


Internal layers of unidirectional carbon fibre to provide extraordinary stiffness

Ride Performance & Feel

The result of SWI’s construction process and material usage is a high-performance, World Tour-level bike of exceptional lightness and stiffness.
Incredible comfort is achieved due to the meticulously engineered vertical compliance of the seatpost and rear triangle.Racing reactivity is derived from the monocoque frame’s unique ability to redirect lateral pedaling forces into forward propulsion.