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A true monocoque frame constructed of one single seamless carbon shell. Lighter, Stiffer, Stronger and more precisely aligned to deliver a perfect balance of racing reactivity and incredible comfort.

Ride Performance and Feel

The AEQUUS is a World Tour-level bike of exceptional lightness and stiffness, yet with incredible comfort thanks to its unique uninterrupted carbon shell construction. The incredible comfort is achieved due to the meticulously engineered vertical compliance of the seatpost and rear triangle, whilst the racing reactivity is derived from the monocoque frame’s unique ability to redirect lateral pedaling forces into forward propulsion.

The Finer Details

Monocoque Unified Carbon Shell

The AEQUUS utilises a unique patented, full monocoque construction process, which uses a single mould and produces a finished frame as a single uninterrupted carbon shell. This results in a lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more precisely aligned frame than is possible with bonding.


SWI is the only bicycle manufacturer in the world utilizing NTPT high-performance carbon textiles, which have an exceptionally dense unidirectional carbon weave of up to 29 ply, while the average carbon fibre fabric is only 4 to 5 ply. This delivers a significantly higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than typically seen in frame manufacturing. The NTPT fabric is then impregnated with a special resin that allows for very high-pressure moulding at 6 bars of pressure in an autoclave airtight oven, where the frame ‘cooks’ for 6 hours at 125 degrees Celsius. This compresses the carbon fibres beyond standard frames, adding strength without increasing the weight or volume and without compromising the mechanical properties of the frame.


Despite being a highly technical work of engineering, every SWI bikes is bespoke.
Every AEQUUS frame can be produced according to the demands of the rider, who will work directly with the SWI frame builder to customise the frame construction. The weight and stiffness of the frame can be tailored to the rider based on the selection of NTPT textiles and the number of layers used. Other customisable features include the graphics, paintwork, and placement of the bottle cages. There is also the possibility to add specially designed lightweight aerodynamic storage boxes.


SWI Classic

The SWI Classic paint scheme features subtle color highlights which beautifully complement the immaculate carbon textile weave throughout the entire frame. Any color or combination of colors may be selected.

SWI Classic

SWI Clearcoat

The SWI Clearcoat paint scheme has no painting beyond transparent or tinted clear coat, leaving the underlying carbon textile beautifully totally visible. The rider can choose either a Matt or Gloss finish.

SWI Clearcoat

SWI Fully Custom

The Fully Custom paint scheme enables the customer to work with our professional designer to achieve an artistic masterpiece of his or her dreams limited only by imagination.

SWI Fully Custom

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